Supernatural men who could get it

More for senor_coconut_1 ! This is my list (in order) of Supernatural characters that I would have sex with before Sam or Dean.

Castiel can not be chosen (I'm assuming this exemption extends to Jimmy Novak).

1. Lucifer (lol, I clearly have a thing for Mark Pellegrino)
2. Gabriel
3. Michael possessed John Winchester
4. Young John Winchester
5. Chuck
6. Adam
7. Michael possessed Adam
8. War
9. John Winchester
10. Crowley
11. Baldur
12. Dr. Sexy
13. Ghostfacers (the one without the glasses first!)
14. Death

Psychic predicts who Peter will choose!

Dunno if you guys have heard about this, but some random Psychic has "predicted" who Peter will choose: Olivia or Fauxlivia?

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But wait, there's more!
This is her take on the Doomsday device. Enjoy!

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youtube polivia

youtube device

Also, if anyone is interested, the official Fringe community will be interviewing the cast, and you can submit your questions here. They may or may not use your questions, but I believe that there are plenty of people here who can come up with some brilliant questions.